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Introducing the Living Life Being Human Tribe

I am trying to cater for as many different budgets as I can by offering multiple levels of support.

The Tribe is super low cost per month, which gets you all of this:

So come on . . . . tell me what is included?

  • Premium Content

    This will be exclusive paid content that I have delivered with my higher paying Life Lab Academy and membership group that after a few months then becomes available to my Tribe! This will include short courses, workbooks, downloads, Zoom calls, lives etc.

  • Monthly recorded live Zoom call

    Once a month we have a recorded live Zoom call. This is a free for all, whoever comes on can ask me anything, or chat to the other members, I can cover any topic you want or just have a laugh and get to know each other. These are great fun when everyone joins in and lets their guard down. My members come with a glass of wine, lying in bed or out in the garden, it's all very relaxed. You can jump on the Zoom or it will also be streamed into the private Facebook group so just comment your questions on the stream.

  • Closer access to me

    You will get closer access to me, a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Life Coach. Just post or comment in the group and I will offer support and guidance when I can.

  • Access to a private Vault

    You will get a log in to the Tribe Vault, which is an online platform where you can access all the premium content, courses and downloads.

  • Access to the Tribe private Facebook group

    The private Facebook group will also have all the premium content and downloads but will also have the monthly live Zoom stream and will be a place for you to connect and support each other.

Already Inside The Vault

* Just £5pm *