6 Day Course

Lifting The Lid On Getting Unstuck and Living ALL In

It's OK to feel stuck right now!

Stuck with whatever you feel stuck with:






Parenting . . . . . . . 

The list goes on and on!

Often we get caught up in the specifics . . . .  the PERSON who ‘causes’ it . . . . .  the PLACE ‘where it happens’ . . . . . or the ‘THING that causes it’ (work, driving, certain people, the bus, train, airplane etc).


Do you get ‘triggered' by the same stuff day in day out?

The feelings just seem so familiar – anxiety, stress or overwhelm.

That voice in your head talking you down ALL the time.

 The never ending cycle of trying and not quite making it . . . . or making it but only for a while before you burn out!

Well . . . . . I’ve GOT YOU!


I’ve been there too . . .  but not anymore.

Let me take you (virtually) by the hand and together we can navigate a clear path, a route out of this never ending rollercoaster of wasted energy and failed attempts.

What if I shared something new with you?

Something that most people overlook?

Something that stops the overwhelm and flipping ‘HARD work’

When did we all decide that life had to be so difficult?

Come with me (I’m still holding your hand) and learn how to respond, rather than react to all the curveballs life throws at us.

This 6 Day Course will BLOW YOUR MIND with its simplicity!

A new way of thinking about the ‘old’ stuff.

Learn how to get MORE out of life by doing LESS.

Be Curious NOT Critical (of yourself and others).

If you are willing to put the stuff you ‘think’ you know down for a while and are open to hearing something new, then this program is for YOU.

What's Included?

  • An email every day with the goals and instructions for that day + a link to the video and handouts.
  • Access to a private Facebook group that is ONLY for this 6 day course so there won’t be loads of other random chit chat going on. Just 30 people with the same goals and struggles as you, also starting at the same place as you.
  • An hour long Zoom call Mon, Wed and Fri night with me and the other attendees to run through the course videos from the day before, and any other questions or concerns you have, ask me anything.
  • Maximum of 30 people per course – So don’t worry about being crammed on a Zoom with 100 other people. You WILL be heard, and I can comfortably support that many people so please speak up, ask questions and make it as fun and engaging as possible.
  • Ask me questions in the Facebook group, share your experiences, your goals, worries and wins.
  • Re-take the course as many times as you like for FREE! Once you sign up you will get lifetime access to the Facebook group so that next time I run the course you can take it again and again as many times as you want. Only the new intake will get access to the Zoom link but it will be streamed into the Facebook group and you will get access to all the videos again.

All this for JUST £27!

Just as a reference I normally charge £40 per HOUR for one to one coaching and you are getting 3 hours with me on Zoom, access to ask me anything for 6 full days and a full course too so this really is amazing value.

So what are you waiting for?

Together we can open the door to a new way of being for YOU.

Click the link below to reserve your place.

Only 30 places available

JUST £27

Don't just take my word for it!