Are You . . .

Trying hard at life but feeling like you’re getting nowhere?

Feeling like you’re the only one who doesn't have their SH*T together?

Fed up of listening to the voices in your head telling you "you're not good enough", or "this is just how you are”?

Trying to make a change but don’t know where to start?

What's It All About?

Whatever it is that has brought you here . . . NOW is the time to let that go. Looking back only means one thing . . . you are facing the wrong way!


You don’t have to be constantly looking for something new . . . Googling, taking more courses, learning more STUFF that you won’t use.


This is about YOU understanding that the key to it all is putting down all the stuff you THINK you know and trusting what’s left.

Life doesn’t need to be this hard

YOU have already survived 100% of the worst days of your life . . .  now it’s time to create the BEST ones!


If you’re thinking “It won’t work for me” I can show you how you already know more than you think you do. I can show you how you are already doing the right things . . .  just in the wrong places.


You don’t need to learn ANYTHING new . . . just use the things you ALREADY have, but in the right way.


It’s time to STOP doing what you are already doing if it’s not working!


Doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome is the definition of insanity!


Let’s try something NEW!


There is no big secret to learn, Living Life Being Human is something you do every single day but for some reason most of us use the wrong bit’s for the wrong job.

Do you remember the last time you tried to do something new and failed?

Do you think change means lots of hard work?

Do you feel overwhelmed by it all?

It’s time to STOP doing what you are doing if it’s NOT working.

Doing the same thing more often hoping for a different outcome.

Trying harder at the same thing hoping for a different outcome.

Do you get caught in a loop of thinking, feeling and doing the same thing over and over and wonder why NOTHING CHANGES?

Who is this membership for?

Who is this membership NOT for?

PHEW . . . so without further ado, what is included in the Living Life Being Human Membership?

  • Access to ME (almost) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    You get full access to me, a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Life Coach whenever you need me within the group. Just post, comment or message me and I will be there to offer support and guidance. It might be daunting at first but I prefer you to post your issues within the group so that others can also benefit from hearing what you are struggling with and how to overcome it. The members are all amazing and help each other out and support each other so we all share because that makes us 'better together'. We have had some amazing transformations in the group already in just a few months from this very thing!

  • 1 x 30 min one to one coaching call

    For a limited time only I am offering all new members a 30 minute one to one coaching call with me to discuss the issues you are experiencing, your goals moving forward and whether this membership is right for you.

  • Weekly recorded Zoom coaching call with the whole group

    Every Friday at 20:30 UK time we all jump on a Zoom call together. You can ask me anything within a closed group, safe environment. I will answer members questions, cover topics, give guidance and help wherever I can. This will all be stored within the members dashboard for you to access after the call if you miss it or want to listen back. We are still a small, intimate group and each have plenty of time to talk and share but as the group grows I will look to add extra nights to ensure everybody still gets the support they need.

  • Weekly accountability sessions

    Every Wednesday I take a recorded live accountability session with 1 or 2 members (first come/first serve booked in advance so everybody gets a turn) in the members area where you can bring any issue you are struggling with to the call and I help you work through the issue. Together we set you goals, targets and a plan of how to move forwards and the whole group cheers you on and checks in on you over the next few weeks to see how you are getting on (these are VERY powerful and help create real, lasting change).

  • Access to a private membership platform + Facebook group + WhatsApp Group

    This is ONLY available for members. It is a very small, closed, intimate group where we can all share our inner secrets without fear or judgement. You can ask me anything in here night or day and I will always get back to you (if not straight away, the next day) either with a written reply or sometimes with a live or video if I think it will benefit others. This is an uplifting, positive environment (I make it my mission to ensure this is the most positive social environment online).

  • Access to regular courses for FREE

    I regularly load my paid courses into the membership platform for FREE. We often discuss this course on the live calls and in the discussions and work through them together. I also regularly make exclusive content and courses purely for my members.

  • You will get exclusive first access to courses, books etc before they even get released
  • Free Branded Gift and Discount Codes

    I will send you all a free branded gift a month after joining to welcome you to the group. There will also be lots of free downloads, workbooks, activities etc as we go along.

  • Members Only Monthly Newsletter

    In these I will cover topics we have been over in the previous month, any information and free downloads I think members would benefit from and plans for the group for the following month(s).

For every month that you are a paying member we will plant a tree in your name to offset any carbon produced by the membership and to help not only ourselves but also the planet too, we are literally changing the world together!

Join TODAY if you want to make REAL lasting change!

Option 1

Just £19.99 per month

1 month absolutely FREE!!! 

Option 2

Just £5 per week

1 week absolutely FREE!!! 

Would you like your free 30 min coaching call before joining?

If you are still in 2 minds about joining, would like more information, or to discuss whether this membership is right for you or not I can offer the free 30 minute coaching call before you sign up (subject to availability)! This will be a very informal chat just about what you are going through, what the membership is and whether or not I think it is the right option for you. If this is something you would like please just drop your name, phone number and email address in the contact form below and in the comments box just write down the best time and days to contact you and I will be in touch.

The payment and subscription is all handled via Stripe, I do not store or have access to any of your payment details. When you click join membership you will be transferred over to Stripe to complete the subscription details and I will be notified once the subscription has been confirmed. Don’t worry no money is taken until after the first free 31 days (or 7 days depending on your membership option) so just email me to cancel up to 3 days before and no payment will be taken and you will be removed from the group and no longer have access to any of the membership benefits. If it is within 3 days of the payment date I’m afraid that payment will be taken and your subscription will end after the payment date, but you will still have access to all the membership benefits for the following month.

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