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These are my 2 signature programs for those that really want to take action on their mental health and get out of their own way!

6 Day Living ALL In Course

The next course date is to be confirmed. You get access to a private Facebook group, receive 3 hours of videos over the week and 3 hours of guided Zoom calls.

£ 27

6 Week Life Lab Academy

The first ever Life Lab Academy launches 6th September and I’ve never offered this much support with any program before! You get 1 hour with me EVERY night Mon – Fri!

£ 297

Why choose Living Life Being Human?

A lot of online courses don’t offer much in the way of support or coaching, they just send you a load of videos and don’t really give you much guidance, but not here! I’ve realised from attending and running numerous online courses that just being sent hours and hours of videos to watch is NOT how effective learning happens and it’s definitely not how to make a change in our mental health. With LLBH you will get:

Just £5pm

The Tribe is SUPER low cost per month but gets you access to exclusive premium content, courses, a private Facebook group and a Tribe monthly Zoom call. All this for just £5 per month:

Easy Ways To Control Your Anxiety Course

This is my foundation anxiety course with simple hints and tips.

£5 pm

Taking Back Control of Anxiety Course

This is a deep dive into anxiety and how to take back control!

£5 pm

Monthly Zoom Call

Monthly Zoom call where you can ask me anything, or ask me to cover a specific topic.

£5 pm
About me

Hi, I'm Jacci Jones a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Life Coach

16 years ago I started my journey with Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching. I’ve struggling with my own panic attacks and anxiety, I suffered from postnatal depression with all 3 of my children and over the last 10 years, I’ve personally road tested everything I share with my clients today.

Not only do I have client results to show for my work but, I’m here today to navigate the way with you in-spite of being in a similar space and place to you. The work that I do with clients now is to share with them a clear path to busting down those blocks we all have. I’m now able to live my life, play in a much bigger way and ditch the control freakiness I thought kept me safe.

What my members say

I love Jacci's way of wording things, without confusing concepts and jargon - let's face it, our minds are usually busy enough without dealing with that too. She has a very down to earth, approachable 'vibe' around her and this has made me feel comfortable and safe on her zoom calls and in her groups. I began the course a little nervous about it being a group of us, feeling that people may judge, but I couldn't have been more wrong. In actual fact I learnt almost as much from listening to other people's experiences as I did from Jacci. Needless to say, I've signed up for membership in the hope my curiosity and understanding will grow even more!!
Jacci is a fantastic therapist. She’s very inclusive and open and encourages others to feel comfortable and embrace their mental health with a positive outlet. Highly recommend.
I saw Jacci for a number of sessions after a mental break down. I suffer from depression, over thinking, stress , anxiety and paranoia. Straight away I felt at ease with Jacci. she tought me that I was ok and totally changed my way of thinking. I would highly recommend Jacci to anyone who needs a kind ,patient lady to talk to and suffers from any of the above symptoms. Thank you Jacci x

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